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7 Weeks to Embody your Higher Self

Conscious Activation of the Source Within 

Life seems to be turned up to an 11 lately as the current structures that are in place crumble before our eyes. We are about to witness something on this planet that has never taken place before and if you haven't felt it already, you will continue to experience the greatest mass awakening Earth has ever seen. 

I want you to feel ready. 

I want you to feel deeply supported 

and mostly, I want you to feel deeply connected to your inner being in a clear and conscious way. 

I believe that this allows you to move through the world with grace and ease. 

I believe this will bring out and amplify your strongest characteristics for the greater good of all living BEings. 

and mostly, I believe because you are reading this you are destined to be on the leading edge of creating the New Earth. 

Now, I could specifically write a bunch of "things you will learn" and "what to expect" but to be fully transparent with you, writing marketing copy drives me a bit bananas so I am going to try what I should have done a long time ago... and that's to do things 'my way' as my intuition guides. 

I've created this course by guidance of my own Higher Self after experiencing several peak experiences, blissful moments of self-actualization and difficult breakdowns of what 'is not to come.' 

The truth is this, this year has not been easy for anyone. We are witnessing the first digital age global pandemic/ economic crash. I believe this is all here and designed for us to step into the role of our highest capabilities to anchor light in such a way that we accelerate the process of anchoring 5th Dimensional light currents into our material world. 

The New Earth is being created and forged from the mire of what has been. 

Masculine and Divine Feminine are learning to rebalance in powerful ways. All of life exists in the present moment. We are here, now. 

So with that being said, please join me for a 7 week journey to accelerate your ascension process. This is designed for you specifically if you have found your way here and are resonating with this message. 

Please tap into your internal heart knowing and ask (if you don't already know) if this experience will bring you into a new state of conscious awareness, no matter what stage of awakening you are in. 

Brothers and Sisters I sincerely ask you to join this flow of channeled guidance as you have already made it this far. 

We are stronger together and will amplify and accelerate in extraordinary ways through this experience. 

I trust Source in bringing us together as ascending vibrational oppression is truly an act of rebellion these days (speaking of being shadow banned myself). 

The bonus *Conscious Energy Body* is typically priced at $97 alone and is gifted through this course to help you create a foundation with my own teaching style and to help you develop a clear practice that will better prepare you for the course. Access and login credentials will be sent at time of purchase. 

What People Are Saying:

I cannot stress this enough, this is game changing right now, my friends! Sitara's light language meditations are soul soothing, opening and expanding. They are EVERYTHING!!

Kat - Monad Society

It just seems like Sitara's teaching is impacting everything I do in an amazing way. My ability to go so deep into meditation has advanced to a higher degree because of this course. I HIGHLY recommend!!

Adriana - Monad Society

"My heart feels so open right now. That was such a powerful session. Thank you Samantha, you are pure magic."

Shalise - Monad Society