7 Weeks to Embody your Higher Self
WILL enhance your life in unimaginable ways

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With the same intention as the Law of Attraction honors us when we take action to meet the Universe, I want to create an added incentive to support your decision today. 

Lean into your heart space and ask, "Is this course aligned with the highest and best path for my conscious evolution?"

Your body will let you know!! 

This may be a FULL YES!!

This may be a "not yet"

This may be a simple "No" 

No matter the response, I encourage you to listen to your heart as your inner guide.

I believe that if this is meant for you, you will know when the time is right as your intuition will continue to become louder!! 

I do hope to see you in class soon!! 



Join HERE!!

7 Weeks to Embody Your Higher Self

Conscious Activation of the Source Within

Welcome my love!!

You are about to take your first step to embarking on an unimaginable journey! 

These transmissions are designed to align you with your true Soul calling and reason for BEing. 

I believe we are in the midst of the Great Awakening. 

I believe that you can feel a deeper stirring and greater calling for your life experience.

I believe you are here reading this text by Divine synchronicity and perfect alignment.

By entering your information in the form below, you will receive more information about me, the Divine guidance I received to create this course and another opportunity to join if you are not yet ready today. 

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I have full faith that when you test this experience out, you will experience such a powerful breakthrough that you will know the power this course has to enhance your life in ways unimaginable to your conscious mind in this moment!! 

See you soon!


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See what people are saying... 

“I felt so aligned during and afterwards that I was in a state of bliss the remainder of the day. Clients are booking me for the healing energy I exude and I couldn’t be happier. I found my niche that nourishes myself just as much as others. I have been continuously provided for in every area of my life and I’m so grateful. 
Thank you from the depths of my soul for showing up. I love you!! <3” 


“I am already feeling profound shifts with the first meditation in this course. I love my gold medal for being human! I’m seeing and experiencing that these next 7 weeks will be huge in my growth and ascension into my true self and power! 
Thank you thank you thank you Sitara Fe!! So much gratitude!”

Lisa F

“BLOWN AWAY… yep just blown away!
Thank you for this as I get so overwhelmed with the groups et. and often have a hard time finding what I am looking for. Must build my computer skills. :) 
I love you Sitara!!
Deep gratitude!
Lisa H
“It was very powerful! I’ll be listening to it 3 times before the next. My body was buzzing almost the entire time.”
Robyn S
"Sitara, my love, you have really created something beautiful here. Words cannot describe the transformation I am experiencing. 
I am deeply and immensely grateful for you my love. Thank you."
Adriana M
“Wonderful class meditation last night. I was so exhausted, but I told myself let’s go. I keep pushing through. The only way to discover a better you is to do something new. It put me in a place of joy and I came out feeling energized and ready for the next. Thank you!!”
Kat B
"As a long time student of Sitara (4 years and counting) I was blown away by this course. It accelerated my growth in ways I was not anticipated and in the best ways. 
If you're on the fence... don't hesitate. You'll be so glad you did!"

Amazing Feature

With other countless shares of gratitude we are thrilled and deeply confident in this experience to be highly transformative in infinitely powerful ways!! 
This course is a culmination of almost 10 years of psychic work and countless lifetimes of magical incarnations that have been synthesized into a digestible 7 week series with the intention of short cutting your ascension journey in this body.
I am READY to start today!!

In perfect love and perfect trust, I do look forward to seeing you in class soon!