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Full-year Mentor & Certification Program for Soul-Centered Business Owners


Raise Your Frequency To Raise Your Income

For entrepreneurs who want to heal trauma, and develop their psychic abilities so they can grow their businesses to reach their dreams.


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BONUS courses: 

 ✨ Release and Rise ($222)

 ✨ Grow your soul centered business ($997)

 ✨ Embody Your Higher Self ($333)


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✨ Release and Rise

A POWERHOUSE course that is bringing in tear inducing testimonials everyDAY.


✨ Grow your Soul Centered Business  

Created and developed after streamlining a grounded and organic method to help you get to $10k months with consistency, fulfillment and integrity.


 Embody Your Higher Self 

This channeled light encoded program will open your heart to memories from your soul.

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with Sitara 

3x monthly 


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Mini Course for Intuitive Entrepreneurs


Learn Sitara's strategy for how to grow your Soul Centered Business to $10K Per Month +
without live launches, daily social media posts or other shenanigans


✨ One to $10k Months 

✨ Shockingly Easy Ways to get the Ball Rolling 

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Meet Sitara Fe

 Founder of Monad 

 Top Ranked Psychic Medium, Angel channeler, and entrepreneur.


My Journey

Ranked Top 5 Female Psychic Medium in US

by The American Federation Of Psychics And Mediums

The meditation levels that Sitara guides us through are so incredibly healing and clearing. Truly the most powerful meditation that I have experienced. I have new perspective for and of myself. With her love and divine guidance I have been catapulted into a new level of being. My energy body is holding at a higher frequency. Words cannot express my deep gratitude and appreciation I have.

- Robyn Spicer -
Intuitive Healer
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Sitara's capacity to take you right into the core of what is blocking with pin-point accuracy, compassion, clarity and thoroughness can’t help but transform those willing to go there. In literally 4 months, my internal growth has been exponential and my entire external has landed me in the launch of my dreams, my Truest path and alignment with my Purpose. The internal is the key to the external, and having done energy and healing work myself for almost 15 years, I am deeply humbled, honored and grateful to work with such a master and for our connection that has me finally connected to what I could see before me, but couldn’t access on my own.


- Araya AnRa -

Earth Angels Graduate

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