Healing your Relationship with Money

Oct 06, 2023

Welcome to your FULL deep dive with Build.

This is a sample transmission from one of our classes so you can get a feel for what we are doing. 

(I'm an all cards on the table kind of lady and want you to walk in with eyes and heart wide open, intuition guiding the way.) 

Have you ever considered that a book club could be your ticket to freedom?

^^ this question never crossed my mind tbh…

In fact, it took me a few years after the fact to see that my book club helped me sell out my first multiple 6 figure launch. 

I never thought my Metaphysical Book Club would even be something we still talk about today.

When I launched my summit earlier this year, spirit was adamant with me that it was important for me to teach this model and concept.

I started charging $300 per person per book club session and my budding business started to grow rapidly.

Even my own business coach was amazed at what he was observing.

You see, I simply wanted people to talk to about the books I was reading, it wasn’t really a “PLAN” in the beginning. 

Now, after witnessing and leading MANY coaching programs, its the best way I can tell to build a solid foundation for your life long legacy.

Book Club was my incubator. 

I learned how powerful my meditative transmissions were.

I learned how much I loved leading groups. 

It was low barrier to entry program that also grew my 1-1 coaching practice as well as my year long mastermind, The Earth Angels Program. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about coaching and need some direction on where to start, I’ve got you covered.

Book Club allowed me to prove the ROI - and create MASSIVE long term results in clients’ (and my own!!) business.

If you want to learn about how to grow your coaching business from the ground up, as a side hustle to help others or to bloom into a full fledged legacy than simply let me know.

This is to increase the value of your business and your services (this ain’t get rich quick - this is GENUINE WORK - LET ME BE CLEAR!!!!)... you won’t want to miss this special.

You can APPLY now: https://risewithmonad.typeform.com/buildtorise

Talk soon,


PS. If you're thinking your business is beyond and youre already making over $5k months, you may be a better fit for RISE, our advanced psychic development program that teaches you how to scale your business. 

You can still apply at the link above and we will see where the best place to start.

We are growing our online community. 


Join your tribe of like-hearted empaths, budding psychics and soul-centered entrepreneurs.

We are so much stronger together. As we heal ourselves, we give each other permission deepen their healing process too. To this we celebrate in joy and bliss to the expansion of our brothers and sisters who have also chosen the path of healing.  

Ascending is the process of upleveling our vibrational frequency to let go of everything that is not you in order to discover the true essence of your divine BEing. Growing alone is NOT nearly as much fun, let's connect and GROW together. 

I'm Ready!


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