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Sitara Fe

Founder of Monad & Top Ranked Psychic.  

Monad is a Quantum School for Intuitive Entrepreneurs that is setting the gold standard for psychic certification, training, and legitimacy. It is a hub for intuitives, creatives, and business owners who have always felt a power and drive within but have been at a loss as to how to channel it into embodying their full potential.


“I created Rise because I noticed too many entrepreneurs were stagnating because their past trauma, heartache, and doubts were preventing them from expanding into incredible careers. I knew that by teaching them how to turn on their own psychic abilities, they could heal themselves of that pain, and that would free them to create the visions of their dreams.” - Sitara Fe


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Our Clients' Experience

Sitara’s capacity to take you right into the core of what is blocking with pin-point accuracy, compassion, clarity and thoroughness can’t help but transform those willing to go there. In literally 4 months, my internal growth has been exponential and my entire external has landed me in the launch of my dreams, my Truest path and alignment with my Purpose.

The internal is the key to the external, and having done energy and healing work myself for almost 15 years, I am deeply humbled, honored and grateful to work with such a master and for our connection that has me finally connected to what I could see before me, but couldn’t access on my own.

- Araya AnRa -

Earth Angels Graduate


Sitara Fe is one of the most gifted psychics and mediums in the country. The guidance she provides to me has been spot-on. But more than that, Sitara has become a life coach, mentor, and most importantly a TEACHER for me. She is teaching me how to develop and use my own psychic and intuitive gifts. My regret is that I did not meet Sitara many years ago.

- Randy Jacobson -

Earth Angels Graduates

 I am so grateful for the time, energy, and love that Sitara has shared with me. Working with her over the last 6 months has lead to powerful breakthroughs, growth, insights, and healing that I use to transform my life for abundance. This experience is also giving me a beautiful array of tools I can now offer to clients of my own to assist them on their healing journeys. Thank you Sitara!

- Melody Phay -

Earth Angels Graduate

I thought I was hiring Sitara to help me with my business when in reality I was hiring her for my soul. She has helped me reach a part of myself I never even knew existed.

- James Anthony Jacoby -

The Bearded Psychic