Meet Sitara Fe.

Founder of Monad


Sitara is the soul name of Samantha Fe. This shift into her soul name is creating new resonance and hightened visions that has powerfully intensified the effectiveness of meditative transmissions. 

This journey began almost 10 years ago in her early 20s. Sitara knew there had to be more to life than what was in front of her. Her desire to answer some of life's 'unanswerable' questions lead her to the path of deep soulful discovery and healing to being ranked Top 5 Female Psychic and Medium in the US by the American Federation of Psychics and Mediums by the age of 28. 

Choosing this path saved her life from a list of numbing coping mechanisms developed by unresolved pain. Today she celebrates her FREEDOM in all aspects and has chosen to teach others how to liberate themselves. 

Hi, I'm Sitara Fe

Creator of Monad

My intention is centered around healing, reflecting and receiving. I am here to be a mirror for you so that you can see yourself more clearly. A reading will help you to uncover and reveal your own answers. This is where the healing takes place so you can begin to experience personal growth, as an individual and as a spirit. By raising your awareness to energy, you will begin to see how it influences your thoughts and can manifest in our tangible physical world.

My Story

In my past,

I have endured a significant amount of pain and struggle. Along with a laundry list of horrible decisions that contributed to the mess of situations I would later have to clean up. Well… later eventually came around. I decided I was ready to face my fears, f*ck ups and flaws by making better choices for myself.

I was craving clarity.

Even through the fog, somehow I knew that was my first step and ticket to true healing.During early adulthood, I chose to hide my abilities under the comfortable numbing blanket of alcohol. Not only was this a cozy escape, it was also the easiest, and simultaneously, most detrimental way to shield myself from conscious awareness.

Eventually life in the ‘fast lane’ all caught up to me and I had to figure something else out.

I knew there was something more. I couldn’t run from my gifts or my pain anymore, I had to face myself.

I found my way to my first meditation class in January of 2012. The class was called meditation to the general public, but really it was “Psychic Kindergarten.”

This step changed the entire trajectory of my future.


I was about to graduate from SSU with a degree in Psychology. Even through that program, I knew I had way more healing to do before I could help others. Through my studies in psychology, I noticed one really irksome theme, the spirit aspect of the human psyche was still completely seen as ‘woo-woo’ holding NO CREDIBILITY.

To me, this made ZERO sense. So I opted out of grad school (and $100,000 of debt) and opted into a Clairvoyant Program. This made all the work I had done to get my psychology degree seem like recess and ultimately was one of the best decisions of my life… aside from hiring a business coach in 2015.

I found that what they don’t tell you or don’t know at the University, is that some of these wounds come from other lifetimes and that no amount of talk therapy is going to make the pain or circumstance go away.

This is the single reason I chose to uncover my gifts rather than to keep hiding from them.

I knew at that point, if I wanted to make significant difference in this world it would be by dedicating myself to discovering my purpose, my ultimate reason for BE-ing. My intuition guided me to the Clairvoyant Program and away from grad school. I figured that if I learned more about how to access and understand my natural abilities, I would be able to use them in all areas of my life.

Finally some truth… and honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating at life.

Still, my search for answers continued...

“Where did I come from?”

“What is the point of all of this?”

“Why is my mother, my mother?”

My path has been raw.

My personal choices to struggle have taught me what it means to be humble.
My wounded insecurities have taught me what it takes to be confident.
The harm I caused myself by committing to my “story” of pain taught me what it means to forgive.


I had to forgive myself, which meant taking responsibility… full responsibility.


... but the secret to understanding each other is that all circumstances boil down to the same basic
human emotions. I understand doubt and insecurity and I absolutely know what it feels like to feel
alone and misunderstood.

You. Are. Not. Alone!

I made the choice to wake up and use my abilities to heal myself first.
Now, I can show up for you to share the tools I have learned. These tools will shortcut your path to find what you are looking for inside of yourself, no matter how murky the vision may be.

I have fallen, dusted myself off and chosen to learn from every experience. I have dedicated my time and energy into getting to know my angels, as well as my demons.

I know what it’s like to start from scratch with a burning desire to change the world and no clue how to create or run a business. I became a business coach for healers because I realized that’s what our field needed and I had already experienced wild success within my first year working with a conscious business coach. You are not expected to be an expert in business. Learn from my mistakes and I will shortcut the expansion process with you.

My promise and dedication to you is that I will ALWAYS do my work, personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial.

Take note, because this can be your first step to spiritual freedom. I am dedicated to being here with you every step of the way.

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