Business Coaching for Soul-Led Entrepreneurs 


Join me, Sitara Fe, on a journey... to grow your intuition, impact, and income while aligning your soul's purpose with your work.

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As Seen In


As Seen In

Your soul is here to be a part of the awakening. 

If you're ready to step into your true soul's calling, break through the internal resistance, and be generously paid for your life's work, you've come to the right place.



The Full Year High Touch Group Coaching Program And Certification For Soul-Centered Business Owners

Rise is a year-long group coaching container and certification for soul-centered business owners ready to consistently create five figure months and beyond.

In this powerful 12-month mentorship you will discover how to use your intuitive gifts to grow your brand, optimize your operations, and create incredible wealth along the way.

The coursework is based on founder Sitara’s own success and built on her psychic abilities, which made her a successful six-figure business coach and one of the Top 5 Female Psychics and Mediums in the U.S., as awarded by the American Federation of Psychics and Mediums.

If you’re tired of struggling month after month to reach consistent revenue in your business, and you know you’re ready for more; I invite you to answer the call to Rise.

Sitara’s capacity to take you right into the core of what is blocking with pin-point accuracy, compassion, clarity and thoroughness can’t help but transform those willing to go there. In literally 4 months, my internal growth has been exponential and my entire external has landed me in the launch of my dreams, my Truest path and alignment with my Purpose. The internal is the key to the external, and having done energy and healing work myself for almost 15 years, I am deeply humbled, honored and grateful to work with such a master and for our connection that has me finally connected to what I could see before me, but couldn’t access on my own.

Araya AnRa

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Meet Your Mentor

Monad, founded by psychic Sitara Fe, is a Quantum School for Intuitive Entrepreneurs that is setting the gold standard for psychic certification, training, and legitimacy. It is a hub for intuitives, creatives, and business owners who have always felt a power and drive within but have been at a loss as to how to channel it into embodying their full potential. Through its courses and intuitive business development coaching, Monad works to guide everyone to understand that they are an energy being before they are human and to use this knowledge to find more purpose and fulfillment in their life.

“I created Rise because I believed that too many entrepreneurs were stagnating because their past trauma, heartache, and doubts were preventing them from having incredible careers.

I knew that by teaching them how to turn on their own psychic abilities, they could heal themselves of that pain, and that would free them to become successful entrepreneurs.”
- Sitara Fe




✨ Step 1-  Heal and free yourself from emotional trauma

✨ Step 2 -  Access, deepen and develop your natural intuitive gifts and abilities

✨ Step 3 -  Learn how to develop and grow your soul-led business

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We know you know partly what you need to be doing, so why aren't you doing it? We are here to make sure you are set up to show up for yourself FIRST. 


Look, none of us are here to do this alone. It's time to take off the Wonder Woman cape of going solo and join in with powerful visionaries that are here to show up WITH YOU.

Expert Coaching

Sitara was born a medium and raised in a family of entrepreneurs. By living in example of actualizing her soul potential, she is here to short cut the challenges and obstacles for you. 

In RISE, you’ll learn how to transmute your trauma into soul power to create intentional alignment to your soul's true calling, so you can co-create structure for your time, your revenue, and your future.

We teach entrepreneurs how to align their soul's purpose with their work and unlock a future they could only dream of.

Sitara Fe is one of the most gifted psychics and mediums in the country. The guidance she provides to me has been spot-on. But more than that, Sitara has become a life coach, mentor, and most importantly a TEACHER for me.

She is teaching me how to develop and use my own psychic and intuitive gifts. My regret is that I did not meet Sitara many years ago.

- Randy Jacobson

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 RISE is for you if…


✨ You are an entrepreneur who wants to unlock the next level in your business, but you feel like something is holding you back from your potential.

✨ You know your soul's purpose, but that work isn’t translating into the cash you know you deserve.

✨ You have made huge shifts in your life to get to this point, but there is still something blocking you. (AKA you know a spiritual awakening isn’t always cute, but you’re ready to put in the work to reach your financial goals)

When you join me on this journey...

  You become fully aware how powerful your intuitive gifts are and have leveraged them into your soul centered business. New intuitive gifts have been unlocked and you're growing in your spiritual practice every day (some have started channeling light language!)

  You no longer charge pennies for 1-1 sessions, you have a fully scalable service offering and are well on your way to 6-7 figure business

  Your trauma doesn’t run your life anymore or limit your potential, you have support and tools to work through blocks and limitations as they come up

  You have actionable strategies for growing your brand online, optimizing your companies’ operations, and freeing yourself of your inner cage

When you successfully complete Rise, your business will be thriving. But more importantly...

Your heart and spirit will be at peace. You will be able to trust in your own abilities and feel secure in your purpose. All else will flow from that.

The Key to Entrepreneurial Success Lies In Your Heart

“If your heart is healed, then all else will follow, including business success. By engaging with your spirit and developing your psychic abilities, you will be able to excel in ways that will both excite you and bring you peace.”

There are two ways you can go about this:

You know that incredible idea you have? You can keep sitting on it, being impacted by emotional pain or insecurities and I will be real here- your company won’t succeed as it could. And the world needs you.

✅ You can get on this call and learn how to let your higher consciousness lead the way, grow beyond your stored pain and pursue your goals with true freedom, supported by actionable strategies.

The RISE framework has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs impacted by emotional pain or insecurities to heal and further their own ambitions and strengthen their companies. Are you ready to follow your curiosity and RISE?

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What you get inside the program:

“Starting a business originates from your heart, and if that is hurting, then you are already holding yourself back. The journey to releasing your natural psychic abilities can lead you to the beautiful moment when you become free to truly be yourself and discover what you can really do.”

 Assess and tune into your natural intuitive abilities

✨ Uncover and heal unresolved pain and trauma holding you back

Connect to your bigger vision for your business and beyond

3x Weekly Group Strategy Calls: To elevate your business, you need to get crystal clear on your strategy and purpose. That’s why every week Sitara is present with you to answer questions, offer readings and transmissions to help get you to the next level in your business with your new scalable offer!

Channeled Transmissions & Digital Programs: You’ll get full access to previous best selling programs. You’ll also learn how to open your psychic abilities, channeling connections, healing capabilities and so much more.  All of this makes you far more valuable to your current clientele and will set you up to create a scalable automated business in the future.

Community Trades And Support: Support is important on your journey to build a six figure plus business. You can submit anything related to the scope of our program for a weekly review.

Previous Graduate Support: If you’re afraid of hitting roadblocks, we’ve got you covered. Got a question? Our Monad graduates have an answer and are happy to help.

Private clients-only community: Share your wins, ask questions, and collaborate with your fellow Rise Intuitive Business Accelerator students inside the members-only telegram and kajabi group.

Pre-recorded Library of Classes:  You'll get full access to previously recorded classes to access at your convenience including but not limited to breaking codependence, automatic writing, financial planning, creating your offer and learning to channel, and so much more.

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Get these FREE bonuses when you join RISE:

Release and Rise

Valued at $222

Transmission designed to help you embody your innate power by facing your deepest trauma with love.

  • Designed to be completed in 5 days so you don't "get stuck in the muck", brings you into your deepest wounds in an extremely nurturing and gentle way to help you heal from the greatest wrongdoings life has brought to your innocent heart.
  • This includes but is not limited to, abuse and betrayal creating stored and stuck energy. Ultimately, supporting your authentic and deep integration to transcend your greatest setbacks.

Grow Your Soul-Centered Business

Valued at $997

A grounded and organic method to help you get to $10k months with consistency, fulfillment and integrity. For those who want to use social media to market their offerings

  • You create differently when you're not in survival mode!! What do heart-centered humans want to create? Usually more places for people to heal and become well, right?

  •  We not only "deserve" to be abundant, it is our birthright. AND, if I may be so AUDACIOUS to say, it is our moral obligation to create more balance in the creative world and to work through our money beliefs and limits to support more embodied lightworkers to do the same. 

Embody Your Higher Self

Valued at $333

This channeled light encoded program developed for individuals who would like to peel away the layers of society programming and see who they really are.

  • Activating previous incarnations and even tuning into the monet you agreed to come to this planet as a human, what your life mission (divine purpose) is, how to TRULY become the powerhouse embodiment of light you came to this world to be. 

  •  9 recorded transmissions, AND don't take this one lightly, it will amplify your awareness of this world in a way that will leave your old limits behind in unimaginable and extraordinarily easy ways.


 ✨ Live 3 Hour Zoom Classes weekly

 ✨ 24/7 access to digital course library guided classes

BONUS courses: 

 ✨ Release and Rise ($222)

 ✨ Grow your soul centered business ($997)

 ✨ Embody Your Higher Self ($333)

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