The Initiation | Embody your Higher Self - Conscious Activation of the Source Within

Nov 03, 2020

My love,

These past years has offered us so many insights about ourselves, encouraged us to take stands we might have felt apathetic to in the past and brought us closer to understanding where we originally came from... if we have allowed our hearts to be open in such a way.

I have felt a connection to Source more open and more clear than ever before in my life and I am excited to continue to keep encouraging it to share with you as well!!

To this, I wish you the same experience and is the reason behind the creation of 7 Weeks to Embody your Higher Self - Conscious Activation of the Source Within.

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Now, this course will open you in ways that you have never experienced, as I am aware that I will also be forever changed by transmitting the messages as well.

The intention is to:
- Clarify your connection to your inner guidance system
- Develop a clear sense of trust 
- Enhance a keen sense of energetic awareness
Encourage radiance within to eliminate fear, illusion of protection, self-doubt
Amplify confidence and internal security to what is taking place in this world now
Understand your Divine role 

See what people are saying: 

“Wonderful class meditation last night. I was so exhausted, but I told myself let’s go. I keep pushing through. The only way to discover a better you is to do something new. It put me in a place of joy and I came out feeling energized and ready for the next. Thank you!!”

"Since the New Moon meditation, and the meditation yesterday, I am purging. Ooff! My higher self told me to repeat 4 more times. I’m very afraid lol. Just kidding… bring it on!! We are doing this!!”
I felt so aligned during and afterwards that I was in a state of bliss the remainder of the day. Clients are booking me for the healing energy I exude and I couldn’t be happier. I found my niche that nourishes myself just as much as others. I have been continuously provided for in every area of my life and I’m so grateful. 
Thank you from the depths of my soul for showing up. I love you!! <3” 
I am already feeling profound shifts with the first meditation in this course. I love my gold medal for being human! I’m seeing and experiencing that these next 7 weeks will be huge in my growth and ascension into my true self and power! 
Thank you thank you thank you Sitara Fe!! So much gratitude!”
“Wow Sitara. Thank you so friking much for that! My body is reacting so strongly to the transmissions, like my whole being is vibrating. That was like everything I needed right now You Golden BEing, YOU!! <3 Endless love!”
“It was very powerful! I’ll be listening to it 3 times before the next. My body was buzzing almost the entire time.”
-Lisa H
BLOWN AWAY… yep just blown away!
Thank you for this as I get so overwhelmed with the groups et. and often have a hard time finding what I am looking for. Must build my computer skills. :) 
I love you Sitara!!
Deep gratitude!
-Lisa F

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You're ready my love, It's time. <3

Hands on heart, ask yourself, "Is this course designed to support my highest and best good?"

Your answer is within you. I trust your inner knowing to participate in a way that feels best to you.

I love you. 
I hope to see you soon!!

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Ascending is the process of upleveling our vibrational frequency to let go of everything that is not you in order to discover the true essence of your divine BEing. Growing alone is NOT nearly as much fun, let's connect and GROW together. 

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