We Begin | Monad Academy 2: Emotional Intelligence

Mar 16, 2021

| We Begin | 

Welcome to the first week of our 8 week experience, Monad 2: Emotional Intelligence. 

Emotional Intelligence is so critically important in this world today and unfortunately this is something we are not taught in schools as all emotional well-being is put on our primary caregivers in childhood. 

This is where we learn attachment styles, money patterns, how to stress and what to stress about, dysfunctional communication techniques and how to handle challenging situations and so on. 

I am a firm believer that our parents share what they know and do the best they can and could with what they had/have. No matter what has happened in our past, it is up to us to be able to make a bigger shift into a new level of emotional maturity and conscious development. 

That is what this course is about... well, and add in powerful light codes to activate the ancient wisdom within your own soul as well... :) 

I believe that your soul holds infinite knowledge and ancient wisdom. I see my role as a guide and reminder to help you turn on those memories, to come out of amnesia and to start flourishing in the path of your present life Destiny. 

I believe that in this life we have the opportunity to ascend in consciousness and that's why we (specifically you reading this right now) have chosen to incarnate at this time during the Great Awakening. 

Mostly, I believe in you and I believe in me and our collective power to anchor so much light on this planet that all beings may truly experience the freedom of their own innate power. 

I love you. 
I hope to 'see' you join us for the duration of this course. 



PS. Please enjoy this as a sample to feel into the full experience. If you feel aligned after trying this out, I invite you to join us for the full LIVE 8 week experience. 

You can expect 7 weeks of one hour transmission calls. This is a self-study course and there will be a group call at the end of the 8 weeks to meet, process and talk with others about how the experience was and any questions that may come up. 

Throughout we do have a telegram group chat to discuss or share experiences as they come up as well in case you are feeling the need for extra support or the need to share. We love to hear from you! 

Here is the link to register: http://courses.monadsociety.com/MONAD2 

We are growing our online community. 


Join your tribe of like-hearted empaths, budding psychics and soul-centered entrepreneurs.

We are so much stronger together. As we heal ourselves, we give each other permission deepen their healing process too. To this we celebrate in joy and bliss to the expansion of our brothers and sisters who have also chosen the path of healing.  

Ascending is the process of upleveling our vibrational frequency to let go of everything that is not you in order to discover the true essence of your divine BEing. Growing alone is NOT nearly as much fun, let's connect and GROW together. 

I'm Ready!


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