Sitara Fe Launches Rise, Bringing Psychic Education to the Business World

Jun 07, 2023

Three days a week, Sitara Fe, the creator of Monad and Rise, logs onto Zoom in her office, where she patiently waits for dozens of business students to log on. Some are early, as usual, while others are inevitably a few minutes late and apologize, joking that they had to make more coffee. Sitara welcomes everyone and smoothly guides them into that day’s topic, perhaps “How to Break Out on Facebook” or “7 Ways to Grow Your Company By Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities.”

That’s right – Sitara isn’t your typical business instructor.

She is actually one of the top 5 female psychics and mediums in the United States, as ranked by the American Federation of Psychics and Mediums, having received over 17,000 nominations.

Now, after a wild career in the crypto world as a HR psychic, she is using her experiences to show that entrepreneurs who turn on their own psychic abilities can go further than they thought possible.

“Let’s just get the elephant in the room out of the way, the one question nearly everyone has: are psychics for real, or are they just a bunch of hooey?” Sitara asks. “I know what I believe, of course: yes, we are, though there are some frauds just like in any profession.”

Sitara says that everyone has to decide for themselves what they believe about mediums and that the interesting thing is that people who enroll in Rise run the gamut. Some are all-in from the beginning and are eager to learn everything they can about their psychic abilities.

Others aren’t so sure and need time to process new information, reflect on it, and apply it to their lives. All, however, agree on two points: they want to be successful entrepreneurs, and their inner trauma is blocking their potential.

“I see myself in them sometimes,” she reflects. “It seems like not so long ago, I was just like them, with so much pain in my life. I was a mess and numbed myself with alcohol to avoid the bad decisions I had made and the actions of other people. I also had a ton of entrepreneurial ability but couldn’t do anything with it because my heart was hurting so much. Who does that sound like? Everyone, right? We all have issues that get in our way of attaining success as we define it.”

Developing her natural psychic abilities in her early twenties was an incredible awakening for Sitara. She completed a clairvoyant program, where she learned that some of her wounds came from other lifetimes.

“Counseling was helpful to a certain extent,” she allows. “But, the reality was that no amount of talk therapy was ever going to make the pain or circumstances go away. By learning to access and understand my natural psychic abilities, I was able to heal. That, in turn, freed me to be the entrepreneur I wanted to be because I could finally forgive myself and live confidently.”

Now, as the instructor of Rise’s year-long certification program in psychic reading and business development, Sitara works to gift that same liberation to her students. She says Rise is about empowerment: the classes focus on developing the psychic abilities of attendees and on teaching them entrepreneurial skills for developing and scaling their companies.

“Rise is not a passive program, where you sit around and let the psychic do all the work while you listen to what they say,” Sitara explains. “But, don’t worry – you are never just shot out of the cannon. Instead, I focus on progressing you through a deeper exploration of the psychic abilities you are already using. As you discover your potential, that will help your heart to heal from any trauma, which will lead you to become free just like I am today.”

She invites anyone who is curious about the connection between psychics and entrepreneurial success to reach out to her for more information.

“It may be a new world for you, one that you aren’t quite sure of,” Sitara says. “Take your time, and ask all the questions that you need to. If you do decide to develop your natural abilities, Monad and Rise will be here to help you every step of the way.”

Monad, founded by psychic Sitara Fe, is a Quantum School for Intuitive Entrepreneurs and is setting the gold standard for psychic certification, training, and legitimacy. It is a hub for intuitives, creatives, and business owners who have always felt a power and drive within but have been at a loss as to how to channel it into embodying their full potential.

Through Rise, its courses, and intuitive business development coaching, Monad works to guide everyone to understand that they are an energy being before they are human and to use this knowledge to find more purpose and fulfillment in their life.

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