The New Earth Paradigm

Dec 14, 2020

Hello my love,

The New Earth is here as you have heard me describe in my last email. This experience is extremely important for all of humanity.

Since I was a little girl, I could feel a powerful grace lighting up within me that, to be honest, I didn't fully understand... until now.

The New Earth is here and I am here to let you know that you can awaken to this consciousness within yourself as well. It will take dedication and full commitment, but alas, it will pull you completely out of the matrix of lies you have been conditioned and programmed to live in since the beginning of your life.

This New Earth already exists, some of us are living in it already by fully embodying our highest capabilities every day and every day and every day. Meaning we are all either ascending or slipping deeper into the belief that we have no control of our unique destiny.

This releases you from any responsibility other than unto your own sovereign soul until you walk into the New Earth in the comfort of your own home.

The New Earth is a dimensional place. << Full YouTube video here including discussion with Moon Club members

To break it down, you are a multi-dimensional being living in a human body. This human body can upgrade beyond the 3rd Dimension into higher fields of consciousness in the same way your mind can.

You access the New Earth through a energetic bridge that can meet you in your exact location until you fully embody your higher state of consciousness... which will land you in the New Earth, starting with the 5th Dimension and bringing you higher from that point forward with your body.

This is the reason for chrystalline DNA.

I am here to assist the activation of your dormant DNA codes to elevate into the New Earth together. Every single Moon Club transmission is designed to help you do this.

I would love for you to come along and have access to the resources that are already supporting a beautifully blooming tribe.

Moon Club Info and sample here <<

I love you. 
And look forward to 'seeing' you soon!



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We are so much stronger together. As we heal ourselves, we give each other permission deepen their healing process too. To this we celebrate in joy and bliss to the expansion of our brothers and sisters who have also chosen the path of healing.  

Ascending is the process of upleveling our vibrational frequency to let go of everything that is not you in order to discover the true essence of your divine BEing. Growing alone is NOT nearly as much fun, let's connect and GROW together. 

I'm Ready!


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