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Release and Rise - A POWERHOUSE course that is bringing in tear inducing testimonials everyDAY.

Designed to be completed in 5 days so you don't "get stuck in the muck", brings you into your deepest wounds in an extremely nurturing and gentle way to help you heal from the greatest wrongdoings life has brought to your innocent heart.

This includes but is not limited to, sexual assault, mental, emotional and physical abuse, betrayal, and all stored and stuck energy that created a pivot and hard edge from the point of trauma.

Ultimately, supporting your authentic and deep integration to transcend your greatest setbacks.

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"In literally 4 months, my internal growth has been exponential and my entire external has landed me in the launch of my dreams, my Truest path and alignment with my Purpose. The internal is the key to the external, and having done energy and healing work myself for almost 15 years, I am deeply humbled, honored and grateful to work with such a master and for our connection that has me finally connected to what I could see before me, but couldn’t access on my own."

Araya Anra
Way of the Dragon Heart

Grow Your Soul-Centered Business - Created and developed after streamlining a grounded and organic method to help you get to $10k months with consistency, fulfillment and integrity.

I believe healers and heart-centered warriors are not only deserving of being abundant, but that it is also your obligation to work through your money blocks to exist in this world abundantly. 

Again, here's why - Think of this world when deeply feeling humans who are focused on love and healing have more of a percentage of currency on this planet. How will the world look different? What do heart-centered humans want to create? Usually more places for people to heal and become well, right?

We not only "deserve" to be abundant, it is our birthright. AND, if I may be so AUDACIOUS to say, it is our moral obligation to create more balance in the creative world and to work through our money beliefs and limits to support more embodied lightworkers to do the same. 

You create differently when you're not in survival mode!! 

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-Embody your Higher Self - This channeled light encoded program will open your heart to memories from your soul.

Activating previous incarnations and even tuning into the monet you agreed to come to this planet as a human, what your life mission (divine purpose) is, how to TRULY become the powerhouse embodiment of light you came to this world to be. 

9 recorded transmissions, AND don't take this one lightly, it will amplify your awareness of this world in a way that will leave your old limits behind in unimaginable and extraordinarily easy ways.

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